Line1: arrive at South Huang Pi Road Station and exit from gate 2.

(Located at Songshan road, Huaihai Road Central)
Line 109, Line 911, Line 920, Line 926, Line932, Line974, Line42, Line581, Line781 etc…

Hong Kong Plaza Car Park information
At the corner of Song Shan Road and Xing An Road, Song Shan Road and Jin Ling Road.
Entrance : Song Shan Road
No.of parking spaces: 274 pax
Parking fee : RMB 20 per hour

BOC ATM – North Tower shop No: NBL-01
HSBC ATM - South Tower shop No: NBL-01
BEA ATM – House 1, Lane123, Xing Ye Road
CHINA POST ATM – House 2-3,Lane 123,Xing Ye Road